Oxford Voice

  1. If you're looking for voice recording expertise, you have come to the right place. We are flexible and happy to take on any challenge which matches our skill set.

  2. We can synch voice to video, provide samples from our voice bank for any project, and even offer you famous voices for your project.

  3. As well as recording or translating for you, we can offer help and advice on scripts, and technical know-how to help with your needs.

  4. If you are running sightseeing buses, our expertise is second to none. We can now offer to actually write your tour from scratch for you, on site if needs be.

Our business has only grown by responding to client needs.

We were originally just a recording studio, but when clients asked for more we responded and innovated. The world is moving too quickly for businesses to stand still.

If you think you can use our skills, we look forward to hearing from you.